Rzr 1000 xp 2 seater

Product Description


 Standard Cage features Full 4130 Chromoly high grade steel tubing. We also include Tig Welded for perfection. 

All Cage Features included



  1. Radius Roof Design 
  2. 100% Chromoly Fabricated in Ca USA
  3. Dual Whip Tabs  
  4. Full Gussets 
  5. Aluminum Roof: Sunk or roll over
  6. Vinyl Top (For Vibrations)
  7. 3/8 Mirror Mount
  8. Front Roof Lightbar Tabs
  9. Fully Tig Welded 
  10. Intrusion Bars 
  11. Rear Bumper 
  12. Shock Reservoir Mount  
  13. Rear Drop Wing 
  14. Powder Coated: Single or Double Stage (Custom Colors Excluded)
  15. Stock Door Mounts

Cage options



Radius/Flat Windshield Option

Full Vehicle wrap available

Powder Coat Options: Single Stage or Double Stage

Rims & Tires:

Rear Light Bar: 

Under Glow Kit: 6 Pc. kit under vehicle bluetooth included

Full Doors Option  : Opening or weld in doors 


Dome Lights:

Car to Car:

Stereo Systems: 5 Speaker pkg. OSW or SSV

Additional Informaiton


 All Cages are made to safety standards and will under no circumstances be altered to "look cool or stylish."  If you wish to make changes to your cage confirm it it possible before assuming.